Trustworthy maintenance shop for wind turbines and elevators

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Huolto Lepistö Ltd provides servicing of elevators, roller doors and wind turbines

Huolto Lepistö Ltd is a family business operating in Europe, founded in 2007. We repair machines and equipment with years of experience. 


Repair and maintenance:


  • roller and slider doors
  • residential and industrial elevators
  • wind turbines.

Customer-oriented and all-inclusive

We aim to get our customers'  machines and equipment back in business quickly and reliably. Our experienced staff is always ready to serve you.

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We maintain, repair and install elevators and different types of automated doors of all manufacturers in both residential and industrial properties. We specialise in wind turbine elevators and wind turbine repairs and maintenance.

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Staff contact information

Janne Lepistö 050 918 0939 

Manager of elevator and wind turbine services

Jami Lepistö 044 252 8544

CEO/Elevator and roller door project manager